Delta fish bite on final day – Voorhees is Victorious

Ryan Voorhees crowned 2010 TBF Southwest Division Overall Champion; California State team closes a three day hot streak for the title of 2010 TBF Southwest Division State Team Champions

TBF anglers went out with a bang, stroking them on the Delta today, as the 2010 Southwest Division Championship wrapped up in Bethel Island, Calif., at Russo’s Marina. Two anglers from each state will move on, the first place finisher as the boater and second as the co-angler. 10 TBF anglers will advance to the 2011 Federation National Championship to vie for nearly a quarter of a million in cash and prizes. These anglers were all smiles today at becoming one step closer to “Living the Dream” and the opportunity to compete at the most prestigious tournaments available to anglers today. Now, they look to the future contest, hoping they will be the ones taking home the largest piece of the pie.

Ryan Voorhees, from Fresno, Calif., came from third to snatch the top spot from the one and two day leader, Phillip Garcia, from Yuba City, Calif. Voorhees brought in an impressive 19lb 2ounces sack making his tournament total 47lb 13ounces and earning him the 2010 TBF Southwest Division Champion’s title.

Ryan Voorhees

Ryan Voorhees

This is Voorhees’s fifth state team and his first time to qualify for the national contest. “The biggest thing for me was just to fish with my team. I really enjoy the camaraderie and the team part of it. Of course, it’s great to win,” Voorhees said. He nabbed his catch actually finesse fishing on the Delta; Texas rigging 1/16 ounce worms fishing through the weeds hunting for post-spawning fish. “I thought some might be guarding the fry, so I went in with a subtle presentation trying to imitate a blue gill weaving in and out. A lot of guys came out power fishing and the fish don’t want to cooperate with that on top of these unstable weather conditions.” Voorhees wanted to thank his family and friends traveling with him. “This just wouldn’t be possible without family; it wouldn’t be the same without them.”

From day one, Larry Hardy, from Tonto Basin, Ariz., kept a tight grip on second place. This didn’t changed today as his persistency landed him the second place finish and advancement into next years Federation National Championship representing the state of Arizona as the boater. “I don’t think it’s really sunk in yet,” Hardy said. This will be his first time to qualify for nationals in over 20 years of federation fishing. “I’ve been in second and third a lot, but now, I’m just really, really happy.” Hardy caught all his fish except one on drop shot using 6-8lb line. “When I first got to the Delta I told myself I’d never come back, but the more and more time I spend here the more I like it.” He wished to thank the TBF Staff. “They just know what they’re doing; these tournaments are run so well, so smooth, they’re just great people.”

In the state team battle, coming out on top as the 2010 Southwest Division Champions was the state t

Larry Hardy

Larry Hardy

eam from California.

California anglers did not exactly use their home lake knowledge early on, but proved sometimes when thngs are tough every little bit helps. Although they lead all three days, today they sealed the deal bringing in over 119lb today, making their catch 140 bass with a tournament total of 343lb 14ounces.

California team member, Steve Dollard, from Hughson, Calif., had nothing but great things to say about his California State team and everyone involved. “I just want to thank all the staff, volunteers and Russo’s Marina for making such a great event possible.” The California team didn’t stick with a specific strategy during the course of competition, rather adjusted for the changes in the weather. “We pointed each other to good spots and helped each other out avoiding not so good ones. We really worked well together this week, and we’re all glad to have won this as a team.”

The rest of the state standings are as follows: Arizona; 124 fish, 298lb 15ounces; – Utah 105 fish, 232lb 12ounces; -Colorado; 102 fish, 224lb 3ounes; Nevada; 74 fish, 137lb 11ounces

California Team Champs

California Team Champs

The top 10 anglers advancing are as follows: Ryan Voorhees, Fresno, Calif., boater, Phillip Garcia, Yuba City, Calif., co-angler; California; Larry Hardy, Tonto Basin, Ariz., boater, Bill Peterson, Scottsdale, Ariz., co-angler; Arizona; Mike Isbell, South Jordan, Utah, boater, John Hill, Grand Junction, Co., co-angler; Utah; Greg Gizzi, Widefield, Co., boater, Mike Hubbard, Dacono, Co., co-angler; Colorado; Joe Raftery, Las Vegas, Nev., boater, Mitch Geyer, Elko, Nev., co-angler; Nevada

Full Results Are Here.

Quality over Quantity, Day 2 Southwest Division Championship

Quality not quantity proved to be the case today as the Delta released some large beauties, but still kept the bite tight, as day two of the 2010 Southwest Division Championship presented by Radback Energy came to a close.

Day 2 Leader - Phil Garcia

Day 2 Leader - Phil Garcia

It was apparent that fishing was tough again today for many anglers as they brought their days catch back into Russo’s Marina. Now, these TBF anglers are looking to tomorrow’s weigh-in, the final day of competition, to see who will be crowned the 2010 Southwest Division Champions. 10 TBF anglers will advance to the 2011 Federation National Championship presented by the National Guard, where they will vie for the championship title and their share of nearly a quarter of a million in cash and prizes. There’s a lot on the line for these anglers and the contest is tight, so they’re all eager to see what the Delta will look like for them tomorrow as the final day of the 2010 Southwest Division Championship will be underway.

Big stick, Phillip Garcia, from Yuba City, Calif., is leading the pack again today bringing in a five bass limit weighing 13lb 6ounces making his tournament total 31lb 15ounces.

“I did what I said I was going to do, just go out there and wing it,” Garcia said. He caught his big fish, a 5lb bass in one little spot that was the first place he’d ever fished on this lake. “I had one big one and other than that I pretty much have the same bag as everyone else. All stuff from my local knowledge; I knew the bite was so tough so I couldn’t go to the same places.” This would be Garcia’s first time to qualify for the national championship. When told he was lucky he said, “number one rule in fishing, you’re not lucky, just fortunate.”

Exactly one pound away from taking the top spot is, Larry Hardy, from Tonto Basin, Ariz., who brought in a limit of bass weighing 14lb 4ounces making his total tournament weight 30lb 15ounces.

Larry Hardy

Larry Hardy

Hardy was in second yesterday trailing by less than two pounds; today, he’s closing the gap inching closer and closer to the SouthWest Division championship title. Hardy has been a federation fisherman for 20 years and never qualified for a national contest, so, qualifying tomorrow would be an amazing accomplishment for him and his wife. “I did the same thing as yesterday, and in almost the same place,” Hardy said. “Only it took me about an hour longer to catch my limit.” Yesterday, he had his limit by 7:45, and today it was around 8:45. “I would have had it sooner but I decided to jerk one fish and it broke off. Tomorrow, I just hope they’re there; I’m going to the same place, I saved many places to try and I’m not leaving there.”

Colorado’s Ben Lind weighed in a personal best and tournament big stringer of 21lb 4ounces, including tournament big bass of 9lb 15ounces.

Ben Lind

Ben Lind

Lind vaults into 7th from his 44th place standing yesterday and leads the Colorado team now. He caught his big bass around 12:30.

Lind had several people to thank. He broke a shaft on his trolling motor, and Greg Gizzi, from Widefield, CO., lent him his spare. “I’m so grateful for him and what he did for me,” Lind said. “Also, without my travel partner, Brandon White, and his evil eyes spotting we wouldn’t have spotted those fish in practice.” Lind also wanted to thank his partner today, his non-boater, James Spence, from Elko, Nev. “He let me fish those big fish today. He is awesome and just an all-around great guy.”

Tomorrow, 10 TBF anglers will walk away with bragging rights and the opportunity to fish in the most prestigious federation tournament there is, the Federation National Championship, presented by the National Guard, with the hopes of one day being able to “Live the Dream”.

Full Standings Are Here.

The final days take off begins tomorrow Friday at 6am, the final weigh-in begins at 2pm at Russo’s Marina, on Bethel Island, Calif.

It is all free to the public.

Delta Hides Most Of Its Bounty, TBF SouthWest Division Championship Day 1

Phil Garcia

Phil Garcia

The 2010 SouthWest Division Championship, Presented By RadBack Energy began today on the California Delta marking the beginning of the No Entry Fee 2010 TBF Division Championship Series.

The overall tournament leader after day one is Phillip Garcia, from Yuba City, Calif., with a limit of bass weighing 18lb 9ounces. Garcia is representing the 2010 TBF California State Team, and representing well. “I got them all in the boat,” Garcia said, getting just five bites and catching five fish. During pre-fishing, he wasn’t hitting one area for long like he is now, but moving around to find the hot spots. “I’d never thought I’d catch these fish in this area. My co-angler finished fishing his spots and we were close so I thought I would give it a try,” Garcia said. He got his last bite at 12:30 fishing a 300 yard stretch about 10-14 feet deep. “It’s a good stretch of water, so, I haven’t burned them up yet; tomorrow, I’m just going to go out there again and wing it.”

Day 1 Leader - Phil Garcia

Day 1 Leader - Phil Garcia

Close in second, in overall standings, is Larry Hardy, from Tonto Basin, Ariz., who brought in a limit of bass weighing 16lb 11ounces. Hardy is the TBF Arizona State Team Captain and has definitely shown leadership in his catch today. “Yesterday they were small there; I went back today and they had grown overnight I guess,” Hardy jokes. He caught all his fish before 8am and plans to do the same thing tomorrow. “I covered only about one-third of that water, so I know there are still some there.”

(In third overall is, Greg Gizzi, from Widefield, Colorado, with five bass weighing 12lb 8ounces. Tim Price, from Peoria, Ariz., is in fourth with 3 fish weighing 12lb 5ounces and Nicholas Phelps, from Glendale, Ariz., is in fifth with 5 fish weighing 12lb 4ounces.)

The home team, TBF California State team, pushed ahead of the other state 12 person teams today, grabbing the number one slot with a total combine weight of 107lb 13ounces. They brought in 46 bass to the scales. The 2009 Western Division Champions, the Utah Bass Federation State team, are looking to repeat last year’s success to grab the championship title. They’re nipping at the heels of these California anglers coming in second after day one weighing in a total of 40 bass for a combine weight of 93lb.

(TBF Arizona State team is in third with 35 bass weighing 83lb 8ounces. Then, TBF Colorado with 32 bass weighing 72lb 8ounces and TBF Nevada with 21 bass weighing 44lb 4ounces.)

Colorado’s Steve Barbee, leads the Solar Bat big bass award with a 7.6 fish

Steve Barbee

Steve Barbee

Click Here for Full Results

Take off’s begin everyday at 6am, and weigh-ins at 2pm at Russo’s Marina, on Bethel Island, Calif.

Take off’s and weigh-ins are free to the public.

Two Exciting Opportunities Coming for Student and Junior Anglers

We have a lot of news to share with you about our upcoming youth events.

First of all if the news hasn’t gotten to you or your junior anglers yet the site has been determined for the NGJWC. Our Junior Anglers will be fishing on legendary Lake Lanier right along side all the top FLW pro’s!

Well not exactly fishing the same spots! Our junior anglers will be fishing in Little River and Wahoo Creek which will be the designated area for the TBF Junior Anglers during the NGJWC and it will be off limits to the pros during the Forrest Wood Cup.

Now stop and think about that for just a minute, when has any other organization ever put a section of a major lake off limits during the biggest event of the year to support the TBF Junior Program???

 The answer is never and I would like to thank the FLW Outdoors and all of their touring pro’s for making that possible.

We are still nailing down exactly where our group will be housed and where events like the legendary National Guard Pizza Party will be held. But we will share that info with everyone as soon as the contracts are signed.

We have a good fundraising program available to you to help fund your anglers travel to this event and if you have any questions on how to get started with that you can contact me at: or call our office at 580-765-9031.

We will be working very hard to continue to provide a first class event for our Junior Anglers in Atlanta and we will have more details on the event coming your way soon.

Next I’m sure by now you have seen the press release for the High School World Championship Finals that will be held in July in Russellville Arkansas. This is the first step in building what promises to be the premier event in High School Fishing and hopefully the stimulus that gets State’s moving on their efforts to bring High School Fishing in as an approved sport.

This event is a no entry fee event and we’ve got a plan that will allow us to eventually handle a 1000 boat field so anyone can participate with just a little effort.

To come to this event you only need to be a member of a SAF sanctioned 6 person school club. Anglers will fish as a two person team so a 6 member club can send three boats.

Now if you are a TBF Youth premium member ($25 membership) you don’t need to join the SAF and pay again. You only need to get 5 other members from your school to join and then register your school club.

Also, FOR THIS YEAR ONLY, if you can’t get your school club formed by the time school ends you do have an option.

You can join a nationwide SAF Club for this year only. Now to do this the cost is $50 each or $100 per boat.  We would much rather you get 6 members and raise $150 rather than taking this route but if you can’t get that done then this is an option for you to participate.

We will ask you to take one of our school start up packets home with you and get your school club ready for next year so be prepared to make that happen when you get back home! The more school clubs we get formed across the country the bigger and better this event will become each year so be prepared to do your part.

As you can see we are dedicated to growing our youth programs across the country and getting more young adults off the couch and back into the great outdoors.

Until next time don’t forget to take a kid fishing today!                                                                                

Mark Gintert