2016 Southern Divisional Championship day 2

Brian Dowdy  TN  34-08Dowdy Takes Over Lead On Day 2 at Santee Cooper

Bryan Dowdy, representing the Tennessee Federation, caught a monster sack of bass to take over the lead on Day 2.  His five bass limit tipped the scales at 19-11 ounces.  That is a good sack on it’s own, but Bryan had a kicker fish in that bag also.  His biggest fish tipped the scales at 9-06 pounds.  That is a toad in anybody’s book.  That weight pushed Bryan up to 34-08 pounds and gives him a one pound lead going into the final day tomorrow.

Herman Vining of South Carolina lurks in second place with 33-09 pounds.  His limit today weighed 17-15Herman Vining  SC pounds.  He had one of the four limits that weighed over seventeen pounds today.

Third place belongs to Jason Hester of Alabama.  He turned in a solid limit today that weighed 15-12 pounds for a total of 33-02 pounds.  Fourth place was Taylor Watkins, also of Alabama with a sack that weighed 17-08 pounds to give him a total of 31-01 pounds.  Fifth place is Justin Lanier of Georgia with 19-08 pounds to give him 29-14 pounds.

Today there were only 11 limits that were weighed in.  A total of 169 fish were caught that weighed 431-10 pounds.  Today 63 anglers weighed in at least one bass.

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Southern Divisional Championship day 1


Southern Divisional Underway on Santee Cooper Lake

Jason Hester of Haleyville, AL emerged on top of the leader board after the first day of competition, in the TBF Southern Divisional today.  Of the 84 anglers, from seven states, Jason had one of only 13 limits weighed in on Santee Cooper on Wednesday.  Jason weighed 17-06 pounds to take just over a pound lead into Thursday’s competition.  Seventy of the 84 anglers weighed in at least one fish on Day one, with a total of 518-06 pounds being brought in all together.

Tracy Hewitt of Orangeburg, SC claimed the second spot with 16-01 pounds.   Another Alabama angler, Nathan Rowe sits in third place with 15-14 pounds.  Fourth place belongs to Herman Vining, of Gilbert, SC with 15-10 pounds.  The final spot in the top five goes to Steven Phillips, of Springfield, GA with 15-09 pounds.

The biggest bas of the day on Wednesday went to Barry WardBarry Ward - KY Big Bass 7-05 with a 7-05 pound giant.

In the state to state competition, the host state of South Carolina starts off strong with 107-13 pounds.  Four pounds behind them is the state of Georgia with 103-13 pounds.  Alabama racked up 99-01 pounds to stand in third place.  Tennessee has 57-00 pounds, while North Carolina has 54-15 pounds and Kentucky has 50-00 pounds while Florida has 45-12 pounds.

At the end of competition on Friday, the highest finishing two anglers from each of the seven participating states will advance to the 2017 TBF Federation National Championship.

For full results and photos from Day 1 CLICK HERE

Day 3 of Southwest Division Championship Canceled

Day three of the Southwest Division Championship on Lake Powell was canceled due to severe weather and high winds.  Anglers were awarded based on their two day totals.   Click Here to view Results

Overall Tournament Winner & Ranger Cup Winner: Ty Faber-New Mexico 10/10  28-09

Ty Faber - NM







State Team WinnersCalifornia Bass Fed   114/113   225-10

DSCN0271Advancing on to the 2017 TBF Federation National Championship



2016 Southwestern Divisional Day 2

Faber Continues to Lead Southwest Divisional After Day 2

Going into the final day of the Southwest Division Championship on Lake Powell in Utah, Ty Faber of the New Mexico Team holds almost a two pound lead.  Today he turned in 12-13 pounds, for a two day total of 28-09 pounds.  Travis Graham of Utah, held his own today also, with a good limit that weighed 12-07 pounds to give him 26-12 pounds entering Friday.  One pound behind him, in third, is Evan Buchanan, from New Mexico.  He weighed in the biggest bag on Thursday, with a good 13-13 pound limit.  Fourth place belongs to Arizona’s Jon Griffith.  Today he had 10-05 pounds for a total of 25-09 pounds.  Fifth place is Timmy Wells from California.  He brought the second largest sack to the scales today with 12-14 pounds to make his total 25-03 pounds, heading into Friday.

California’s Ron Red Sr. claimed big bass honors on Thursday, with a nice 4-00 pound lunker.  For Thursday, the angler’s turned in 311 fish for a total weight of 554-14 pounds.  Once again there were multiple limits, as all but three angler’s weighed at least one fish and 53 angler’s turned in a limit on Thursday. 

In the state to state competition, California continues to defend their title very well.  They have accumulated 225-10 pounds over the first two days.  It is pretty tight after that.  New Mexico stands at 198-10 pounds.  Colorado has 192-09 pounds.  Utah amassed 187-15 pounds.  Arizona has captured 183-10 pounds and Nevada stands at 175-13 pounds.

After tomorrow, the top two angler’s from each of the six states will advance to the 2017 TBF Federation National Championship next spring.

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2 Day Overall Leaders:

1st Pl  Ty Faber/ NM             2nd Pl  Travis Graham/ UT

Ty Faber - NMTravis Graham - UT






3rd Pl Evan Buchanan NM       4th Pl Jon Griffith AZ

Evan Buchanan - NMJon Griffith - AZ







For Results of today’s Weighin click the link below

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TBF Southwestern Divisional Day 1

Lots of Limits on Day 1 of Southwest Division at Lake Powell

The fish were biting well for the opening day of the Lake Powell Division Championship in Utah.   Seventy two anglers went out Wednesday morning and fifty seven of them brought back five fish to weigh in that afternoon.  The remaining fifteen anglers brought at least one fish to the scales as well.  There were 609-05 pounds weighed in today.  The biggest bass on Day 1 belonged to Ty Faber, from New Mexico, with a beautiful 4-00 pound largemouth lunker.

Following the conclusion of the weigh in, TY Faber also found himself sitting on top of the leader board, with a weight of 15-12 pounds.  This is Ty’s first event with the Federation, as New Mexico has just joined the Federation.  Welcome to all of the New Mexico anglers.  We are glad to have you on board, and fishing with us in The Bass Federation.  Just behind Ty, is Arizona’s Jon Griffith with a solid limit of 15-04 pounds.  Third place shows Utah’s Travis Graham with 14-05 pounds.  A tie finishes up the top five, with Steve Barbee of Colorado and Josh Cundiff of Colorado, both with 13-06 pounds.

In the head to head competition , Click the Results link below to view State by State standings

Day 1 Results CLICK HERE

2016 TBF Northwestern Championship final day

Koshi Saves the Best for Last Day of Northwest Divisional

Peter Koshi, of Seattle, Washington, caught his best bag of the week on Friday and it turned out to be the biggest sack of the three day, Northwest Divisional on the Columbia River.  His limit tipped the scales at 21-01 pounds, giving him the overall win, with a final weight of 52-15 pounds.  DSCN0222His three day weights were 15-05, 16-09 and 21-01 pounds.  For his efforts he was crowned the overall Northwest TBF Champion and earned himself a spot in the 2017 TBF Federation National Championship.

Kory Ray, of Lebanon, Oregon finished just behind the winner with a weight of 50-04 pounds.  His third day weight of 16-01 pounds left him just a couple pounds short of victory.   Just a couple of ounces was the difference between second and third place as David Simmons, of Beaver Creek, Oregon, weighed in an impressive bag of 19-00 pounds to finish with 50-02 pounds in third place.  Fourth place was taken by Bill Golightly, of Preston, Idaho with a final weight of 50-01 pounds.  There was a tie for the last spot in the top five at 48-0 lbs, Jon Bial, of Vancouver, Washington, edged out  Nicholas Fitzsimmons  via the 3rd tie breaker of heaviest single days catch.

The biggest bass on Friday went to Oregon’s David Simmons with a big smallmouth that weighed 5-00 pounds.  The team from Oregon claimed the Big Bass award on all three days of the tournament. Friday’s numbers looked like this.  There were 43 limits today with a weight of 596-13 pounds.  55 of 56 anglers weighed at least one fish on Friday.  During the three day event, there were 781 fish brought to the scales for a total weight of 1947-11 pounds.

Complete Tournament Results:    CLICK HERE.

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