2014 TBF Junior World Championship, Presented by FLW Final Report & Standings

2014 TBF Junior World Championship, Presented by FLW

August 15-16, 2014

Lake Wateree, South Carolina

Final Day Division Champions Shootout

Final Report & Standings

JWC 2014

The TBF Junior World Championship is a unique one of a kind event in the fishing world that invites the top 2 young anglers from all across North America, (1) from the 11-14 age group, (1) from the 15-18 age group to come together at one premier event to compete and determine who is truly the world champion’s that year!

Each angler and their families was treated by TBF, FLW and the event sponsors to a fishing vacation while attending the 2014 TBF Junior World Championship and the Forrest Wood Cup. Including, meals, parties, a sack full of sponsor goodies, a hotel room furnished for each family, local TBF, BFL, FLW and other local tournament angler’s provided the competition boats each day and even their lunches, ice and cold drinks were provided for each boat, all they needed to do was concentrate on catching fish! As has always been the case, there is never an entry fee to participate in any TBF national junior angler event.

The full field of anglers competed the first day to determine who would be the division champions. Under the TBF umbrella North America is divided up into geographical divisions and each angler who attends the event only competes against the other anglers from their home division to see who advances.  On the final day the Division Champions go head to head with zeroed weight and compete in a one day shootout for their titles of World Champion.

No doubt fishing was tough on the young anglers just as it was on the FLW Tour Pros fishing The Forrest Wood Cup nearby on Lake Murray.  But as is always the case, the best of the best does not complain, they rise to the challenge and to any hurdles put before them and they find a way to win. Each angler in attendance, from every state was brought up on the FLW main stage just before the FLW Tour pros started weighing in and was introduced to the world one at a time, the ceremony concluded with the two World Champions being presented their trophies on stage by none other than fishing legend and celebrity host MC of the TBF Junior World Championship, Hank Parker. Congratulations to all our Junior Anglers on a job well done.   Having bested all the other anglers from their age group and home division on the day before, the division champs put everything on the line and the final standings are below.

In the 11-14 year old age group

Joe Stolski, Baxter, MN. Northern Division Champion                         1/1         4.01       $2,500.00 Scholarship

James Fields, Anthem, AZ. Western Division Champion                   1/1         3.13       $1,250.00 Scholarship        

Cole Moore, Anacoco, LA. Central Division Champion                       1/1         2.10         $750.00 Scholarship

Jacob Ferrell, Vernon Hills, VA. Mid-Atlantic Division Champion         1/1         2.03         $375.00 Scholarship        

Stephen Stroz, Shrewsbury, MA. Eastern Division Champion            0/0         0.00        $250.00 Scholarship

Harrison Norman, Covington, GA. Southern Division Champion         0/0         0.00         $200.00 Scholarship


In the 15-18 year old age group

Perry Marvin, Peru, NY. Eastern Division Champion                         2/2         8.10       $2,500.00 Scholarship

Sean King, Villa Hills, KY. Southern Division Champion                    3/2         6.14       $1,250.00 Scholarship

Steven Sellnow, Waterown, WI. Northern Division Champion          3/3         5.15          $750.00 Scholarship

Caleb Bruss, Bernardsville, NJ. Mid-Atlantic Division Champion      2/2         5.06          $375.00 Scholarship

Hunter Daniel, Lamar, AR., Central Division Champion                    1/1         2.02          $250.00 Scholarship  

Richard Davey Jr., Richland, WA. Western Division Champion       0/0         0/00          $200.00 Scholarship  


To watch the final day weigh in video just click the embedded video on the front page of bassfederation.com

For all the event pictures. CLICK HERE

The TBF Junior World Championship is produced by a partnership between The Bass Federation and FLW Outdoors. Sponsors include Chevy, Ranger Boats, Evinrude, Cabela’s, Solar Bat, Berkley, Lowrance and Power-Pole. For details, visit bassfederation.com, or contact TBF National Headquarters at (580) 765-9031.

TBF Junior World Championship Final – Video

Live streaming video by Ustream

The videos from the Junior World Championship run in the following order.
1.  Final Day.
2.  Day One, part one.
3.  Day One, part two
4.  Day One, part three
If you want to skip one, simply fast forward through it.

Marvin and Solski Win it all, Crowned 2014 Junior World Champs!

JWC 2014The picture says to all !

Perry Marvin, a 6’5″ 15 year old from Peru, NY  wins the 15-18 age group and Joe Stolski,14 year old from Baxter, MN takes the title in the 11-14 age group. Full details and video will be up soon!

Lake Wateree Proves Tough On The TBF Junior State Champions, Quality Fish, But Few & Far Between

Top two anglers from each state took to the water today for Day 1 of the 2014 TBF Junior World Championship presented by FLW Outdoors. It proved to be a tough fishing just like it is for the best in the world on the FLW Tour who are fishing on nearby Lake Murray during the Forrest Wood Cup.

The TBF Junior World Championship is the culmination of more than a year of effort by young TBF anglers in two age groups, 11-14 and 15-18.  Each TBF state federation holds qualifying tournaments to qualifier their top anglers in these two age groups and send them to this one of a kind championship, where the top angler in each age group form each state square off for the titles of world champions and their share of over $10,000.00 in Scholarships and prizes that is on the line.  So while we always here about everyone at a event being a “winner” it is certainly true in this case as everyone who attended is a reigning state champion!

Lake Wateree greeted the anglers today with a light fog and a cool breeze, all of which lasted a full 5 minutes after the last boat took off, then the legend of Lake Wateree kicked in. Wateree is known for being tougher than tough when the lake lays flat with no wind and it was perfectly flat today.

To keep the event as fair as possible each angler only competes against anglers from their home geographically division. For instance only the western states complete against the western states this way no matter where the event is held in the US, the angler only compete against other anglers from their same general or distance away. The states are divided into 6 divisions and the top angler form each division advances to Saturdays final shootout for the title of World Champion.

All the Division Champions who will be fishing tomorrow were tight lipped about details as they did not want to give anything specific away. However Hank Parker, celebrity host weigh master of the event each year did mange one after another to coax out of them comments on Shaky Heads and Jigs as playing a key role in their catches so far. We will see what Saturday’s final round holds for them.

Be sure and check out the home page for video coverage of today weigh in.

2014 finalists


Here are the 12 division champions who will fish the final day tomorrow.







In the 11-14 year old age groupangler w Hank

James Fields, Anthem, AZ. Western Division Champion

Jacob Ferrell, Vernon Hills, VA. Mid-Atlantic Division Champion

Cole Moore, Anacoco.LA. Central Division Champion

Harrison Norman, Covington, GA. Southern Division Champion

Stephen Stroz, Shrewsbury, MA. Eastern Division Champion

Joe Stolski, Baxter, MN. Northern Division Champion

  a with hank 3 a with hank 2

In the 15-18 year old age group

Sean King, Villa Hills, KY. Southern Division Champion

Richard Davey Jr., Richland, WA. Western Division Champion

Hunter Daniel, Lamar, AR., Central Division Champion

Perry Marvin, Peru, NY. Eastern Division Champion

Steven Sellnow, Waterown, WI. Northern Division Champion

Caleb Bruss, Bernardsville, NJ. Mid-Atlantic Division Champion

Weights will be zeroed for the final day tomorrow.


For Full Standings 2014 JWC Overall Standings Day 1

For Standings By Division 2014 JWC Standings by Division D1

For Day 1 Photo Gallery CLICK HERE








2014 Spring Membership Promotion Winners


News Release

For additional information, please contact: The Bass Federation (TBF)

info@bassfederation.com   580.765.2319



The Bass Federation (TBF) announced recently the winners of its 2014 spring membership promotion!


Early this year TBF rolled out a new Spring/Summer membership growth rewards program for 2014 to build on the growth momentum we experienced in 2013.  It included something for everyone with a 3 tiered, club-level Growth Rewards Program.  The program awards $1,000, $500 & $100 Cabela’s cash cards in each of the 7 TBF Divisions with over $11,000 dollars total awarded.


Tier 1 Club Growth Spring\Summer Promotion Drawing:

  • Included all clubs that grew a minimum of 5 new members or more as of June 30, 2014 verses year end 2013 TBF. Including all those NEW TBF clubs formed and updated by then. Each club could be entered multiple times to increase their chances of WINNING!  Once for reaching 5 new members and once again for every member over 5. The more members signed up the better your chances to win the $1,000 awarded in EACH of the 7 TBF Divisions! ($7,000.00 Total Awarded)

Tier 2 Club Spring\Summer Promotion Growth Drawing:

  • Grow 3 – 4 new members – All active TBF Clubs with an increase of 3 or 4 new paid memberships by June 30, 2014 was entered into a drawing for a $500 Cabela’s Cash Card. (entered once for 3 members twice for 4 members) Seven (7) winners were drawn from all eligible clubs, one (1) in each of the 7 TBF divisions.. ($3,500 Total Awarded)

Tier 3 Spring\Summer Promotion Growth Drawing: 

  • 1-2 new members – All active TBF Clubs with an increase of just 1 new member by June 30, 2014 was entered into a drawing for a $100 Cabela’s Gift Card (entered once for 1 member twice for 2 members) for their club. Seven (7) winners will be drawn from all eligible clubs, one (1) in each of the 7 TBF divisions. ($700 Total Awarded)


Winning clubs were drawn and winners were announced LIVE online at the final day weigh-in of the 2014 High School Fishing World Finals recently.

A BIG THANK YOU to all the clubs across North America who participated and congratulations to all the winners who will be receiving their Cabela’s Cash card prizes before the end of September.


2015 TBF membership sign-up opens October 1, 2014 and will include several fall sign up promotions for both every individual member and TBF affiliated club such as;


  • The very popular Federation Angler rod promotion, for only $100 plus S/H you get any 2 custom branded FEDERATION ANGLER, 7 foot, IM7 graphite tournament rods and that will INCLUDE your full $50 TBF and FLW competitor memberships owed for 2015 if not already paid.   


  • Every TBF club updated for 2015 by Jan. 1 with at least 6 members will go into a drawing for:
    • 1st prize – A Lowrance HDS 9 Gen 2 touch unit for your club
    • 2nd prize – A Power Pole shallow water anchor
    • 3rd prize – (6)Six custom FEDERATION ANGLER branded tournament rods


Congratulations again to all the winners listed below!


TBF Spring/Summer 2014 GROW & WIN Challenge

Tier #1clubs =  $1000 Cabela’s Gift Card

Tier #2 clubs = $500Cabela’s Gift Card

Tier #3 clubs = $250 Cabela’s Gift Card


TBF NorthWest Division

Tier #1 winner – Panhandle Bass Anglers  – Idaho

Tier 2 winner – Boarder Line Bass Contenders – Washington

Tier 3 winner – North End Bass Club – Washington


TBF South West Division

Tier #1 winner – Sixgun Bass Masters Club – California

Tier 2 winner – Four Corners Bass Club – New Mexico

Tier 3 winner – Pikes Peak Bass Masters – Colorado


TBF Central Division

Tier #1 winner – Blue Hole Bass Club – Mississippi

Tier 2 winner – Bedlam Bass Club – Oklahoma

Tier 3 winner – ARK-LA-TEX Bass Federation club – Arkansas


TBF Northern Division

Tier #1 winner – East Fork Bass Masters Club – Illinois

Tier 2 winner –Potato Creek Bass Club – Indiana

Tier 3 winner – Twin Cities Bass Club – Ohio


TBF Southern Division

Tier #1 winner – Coastal Bass Anglers – Georgia

Tier 2 winner – River City Bass Club – Kentucky

Tier 3 winner – Sparta Bass Club – Tennessee


TBF Eastern Division

Tier #1 winner – Fatt Bass Anglers Club – Ontario Canada

Tier 2 winner – Minuteman Bass Club – Massachusetts

Tier 3 winner – Grassroots Bass Anglers – New Hampshire


Mid-Atlantic Division

Tier #1 winner –Meherrin Bass Masters club – Virginia

Tier 2 winner – Hookem and Jerkem Bass Club – West Virginia

Tier 3 winner – Hunters Run Bass Club – Pennsylvania






2014 High School Fishing World Finals Starts TODAY LIVE at 2:45 pm

The 2014 High School Fishing World Finals kicked off today with 115 teams from 17 different states!  you can catch the action every day (Wed, TH, Fr, and Sat)  LIVE on the internet at highschoolfishing.org starting at 2:45 pm CST each day.

CLICK HERE to go watch it!









  “Our expanded format last year built a lot of excitement for this event,” TBF National Youth Director, Mark Gintert, said. “Adding the semi-final and consolation rounds as well as another full day of fishing was well received by our anglers and their families. Combine that with the expansion of Saturday’s final to 20 teams and we had a lot of final day excitement,” Gintert added. “To spruce things up this year we’ll be expanding tournament waters to allow locking into the rest of the Arkansas River system so our teams will have more water to fish and some additional strategies to contend with.”

This year’s format will once again have the top two teams from each state or country advancing to Friday’s semi-final round of competition. Those not making the semi-final round will have a chance to fish their way back into Saturday’s top 20 final through the consolation round.  For Saturday’s final round the top 20 weights will compete (the top 10 from the semi-final round and the next 10 highest weights overall).

A host of scholarships and prizes await the winners, as well as, advancement to the prestigious Boat US Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship where they can compete against the top college teams in the country. The winners at that event could also advance to fish for a chance at the Forrest Wood Cup and the TBF “Living the Dream” package, which has the potential to launch a professional fishing career.

The event will be televised on Federation Angler TV series 13 week block on NBC Sports fall 2014 and on the Federation Angler TV’s 13 week block on the Pursuit Channel airing spring 2015.

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