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State Youth Directors

Every TBF Affiliated State Federation has an assigned person who deals with all youth activities, they are the State Youth Director. If you are intersted in joining or have questions, please locate your State’s Youth Contact below.

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General Youth Questions?


Central Division

Central DivisionArkansas (AR)
Chuck Phillips
E-mail Chuck
ARBF web site: www.TBFofArkansas.com

TBF of Kansas (KS)
President: Steve Witt
E-mail Steve
KSBF web site: www.tbfks.com

Louisiana (LA)
Charles Hogg
Email Charles
Website: www.louisianabassfederation.com

Mississippi (MS)
Tim White
E-mail Tim
MSBF web site: www.msbass.org

Missouri TBF Bass Federation (MO)
Ryan Stracke
E-mail Ryan
MOBF web site: www.themissouritbf.com

Nebraska (NE)

Oklahoma (OK)
Jody Linder
E-mail Jody
OKBF web site: www.okbass.org

Texas TBF (TX)
Colt Farris
E-mail Colt
TXBF web site: http://texastbf.com/

Eastern Division

Eastern DivisionConnecticut (CT)
Dominic Gambardella
E-mail Dominic
CTBF web site: www.ct-tbf.com

Maine (ME)
Louis Deering
E-mail Louis
MEBF web site: www.tbfmaine.com

Massachusetts (MA)

Marc Bourque
Email: Email Marc
MABF web site: www.massbass.com

New Hampshire (NH)
Evan Roberts
Email Evan
NHBF web site: www.nhbassfederation.com

New York (NY)
Sherri Michetti
E-mail Sherri

Rhode Island (RI) &
Vermont (VT)
Murray Seaman
E-mail Murray

TBFRI website: www.tbfri.com

VTBF web site: www.vermontbassfederation.com

Ontario (ON)
David Chong
Email David

Mid-Atlantic Division

Mid-Atlantic DivisionDelaware (DE)
Neal Wharton
E-mail Neal

Maryland (MD)

Nations Capitol (DC) &

New Jersey (NJ)
Dennis Foley
E-mail Dennis
NCBF website: www.ncbffishing.com

NJBF web site: http://www.njbassfederation.com/

Pennsylvania (PA)
Greg Smith
E-mail Greg
PABF web site: www.pabass.com

Virginia (VA)
Jerry Wright
E-mail Jerry
VABF web site: www.vabass.com

West Virginia (WV)
Randy Slayton
E-mail Randy
WVBF web site: www.wvbass.com

Northern Division

Northern DivisionIllinois (IL)

Indiana (IN)
Brad Zellers
E-mail Brad
INBF web site: www.indianabass.com

Michigan (MI)
David Reault, President
E-mail David
MIBF web site: www.michigantbf.com

Minnesota (MN)
Ron Sherwood
E-mail Ron
MNBF web site: www.mnbass.org

Ohio (OH)
Angela Poling
E-Mail Angela
OHBF web site: www.ohiobass.org

Wisconsin (WI)
Adam Barnard
E-mail Adam
WIBF web site: www.wisconsinbass.com

Southern Division

Southern DivisionAlabama (AL)
Jim Sparrow
E-mail Jim
ALBF web site: www.albassfed.org

Florida (FL)
Mike Sloan, President
E-mail Mike
FLBF web site: www.floridabassfederation.com

Georgia (GA)
Bruce Pilgrim
E-mail Bruce
GABF web site: www.gabassfed.org

Kentucky (KY)
Gerald Smith
E-mail Gerald
KYBF web site: www.kybassfed.com

North Carolina (NC)
Steve Gardner
Email Steve 
NCBF web site: www.ncbass.com

South Carolina (SC)
Tommy Lindler
E-mail Tommy
SCBF web site: www.tbfofsc.com

Tennessee (TN)
Dewayne Dotson
E-mail Dewayne
TNBF web site: www.tnbass.com

Western Division

Arizona (AZ) Southwestern Division
Murray White
E-mail Murray
AZBF web site: www.azbassfederation.com

California (CA)
Barry Sterud
E-mail Barry
CABF web site: www.californiabass.org

Colorado (CO)
Sam Heckman
Email Sam
COBF web site: www.coloradotbf.com

Idaho (ID)
Chris Adams
E-mail Chris
IDBF web site: www.idahobassfed.com/tbf-index.htm

Montana (MT)
Gary Ziegler
Email Gary 
MTBF web site: www.mttbf.com

Nevada (NV)
Mitch Geyer
Email Mitch

Oregon (OR)

Utah (UT)
Scott Hausman
E-mail Scott
UTBF web site: www.utahbassfederation.org

Washington (WA)
Dave Bruggman
Email Dave
WABF web site: www.wabass.org

Wyoming (WY)
President: Kasey Thomas
E-mail Kasey
WYBF web site: http://wyobassfederation.com/