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YOU asked, TBF answered!!!!  TBF Dream Team Rallies ADD   benefits, making the program bigger and better!!!!  Check out the changes!!!

  • 10 teams MINIMUM to advance 1 team to the TBF Dream Team National Championship Rally!  Multiple teams advance for events over 15 teams!!
  • Any TBF club or state federation can register to host a team event!
  • All events and registrations must come through TBF Dream Team online.
  • There’s no limit to how many Dream Team events you can enter or host!
  • TBF will handle all entries, payouts, trophies and overhead; no hassle!
  • Every 1st place team (based on # of boats, possibly 2-5th) is invited to attend TBF Dream Team National Championship.
  • Every 1st place team (based on # of boats, possibly 2-3rd) receives a qualifying team travel award stipend upon arrival at the championship.
  • TBF Dream Team National Championship Rally boasts a national prize pool, deep payouts and location, location, location!!!! National Championships held only on “dream” vacation lakes where a 10lb largemouth or 5lb smallmouth is possible.
  • TBF National Dream Team wins a Ranger Boat Dream Rig!!
  • Entry fees for ALL Dream Team events – $200 per team for Active TBF members, $300 per team if neither partner is a TBF member ($50 per member for Full TBF National AND FLW Outdoors competitor yearly memberships with full national benefits of both)

Payout /Advancement Breakdown:  Payout & advancement set the same nationwide.

  • All state or club/local events must consist of AT LEAST 10 teams MINIMUM to be a sanctioned TBF Dream Team Event and to advance one (1) team to the TBF Dream Team Championship Rally. There is no maximum.
  • Prize structure is the same nationwide and will be paid out based on 70% to the event and participants and 30% to the TBF Dream Team Championship Rally for events under 50 boats, 75%/25% for 50-75 boats and 80%/20% 75-100 boats, PLUS.
  • Roughly 20% of entries will be paid onsite, and 2 big fish awards will be paid. (1) Largemouth and (1) Smallmouth or 1st and 2nd largemouth; YOU decide.
  • Multiple teams will receive an invite to the TBF Dream Team Championship Rally for each event over 15 teams.
  • Every first place team is invited to the TBF Dream Team Championship and will receive an additional “qualifying team” travel expense award stipend upon arrival at the championship to offset cost of: mileage, lodging and/or boat gas.  (Based on # of boats, possibly 2nd – 5th place teams) are also invited to attend and (based on # of boats, possibly 2nd – 3rd place teams) will also receive travel stipends upon arrival at the championship.
  • All unclaimed stipends will be added back into the Dream Team National Championship Rally.
  • All payouts/advancement details will be sent to the event director for each event at the close of registration.

Current Dream Team Events on Schedule

6/26/12Ontario – CBAFGeorgian BayRick WeatherillResultsClosed
7/1/12Kansas – TBFKSWilson LakeLarry FreesemanResultsClosed
7/14/12Wisconsin – Belle CityPewaukee LakeCharles DroudesPress ReleaseClosed
7/22/12Wisconsin – Shawano Red nek Bass bustersShawano LakeMike HofmannPress ReleaseClosed
8/12/12Indiana – Cedar Creek BassmastersHamilton LakeMichael CombsPress ReleaseClosed
8/18/12West Virginia – WV Bass FederationOhio RiverJohn BurdetteResultsClosed
9/16/12Kansas – TBFKSWilson LakeDell MettlenPress ReleaseClosed
9/22/12Idaho – Idaho BassmastersCJ StrikeSteve SpearPress ReleaseClosed
9/22/12Maine – TBF MaineCobbessee LakeDave AustinPress ReleaseClosed
9/29/12Oklahoma – Oklahoma Bass FederationLake EufaulaDon LinderPress Release Closed
9/30/12Michigan – Michigan TBFDetroit RiverDavid ReaultPress ReleaseClosed
10/6/12Washington – Washington Bass FederationBanks LakeGerald DunnPress ReleaseClosed
10/13/12Ohio – Gallipolis Bass BustersOhio RiverShawn HawksPress ReleaseClosed
10/14/12Ohio – Ohio Valley Bass AnglersOhio River – New Cumberland PoolTony HolzerPress ReleaseClosed


Dream Team Inquiries

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