D-19 Idaho and Montana National Semi Finals Results

The Idaho-Montana Semi-Final event went off without a hitch after initial weather reports advised of weekend high winds and rain on Saturday and holding a 2-day event questionable! Thankfully even with the windy conditions, which turned out to not be as high as forecast, the fishing went well and a two day event resulted in crowning excited finalists for the 2019 TBF National Championship event.

Idaho hosted the 2018 District 19 ID-MT Semi-Final held at CJ Strike Res. on the Snake River of Southern Idaho, just a few minutes from tiny Grandview, Idaho. Black Sands Resort accommodated both the Friday registration and a very tasty Pork dinner meal for all 56 Anglers and volunteers as well as the daily launches and drive through weigh-ins.

After the National Anthem and morning launch, just a little cool, Day One found Idaho’s Boater Jim Davis weighing a respectful and only 17lb bag weight at 17.28lbs. Montana’s Jason Crone was just a pound under at 16.17lbs. Idaho’s Boater Tony Shuyler weighed a nice 5.33lb. largemouth and total weight of 16.11 putting him in 3rd for the day. Day One Montana Co-Angler Quincy Grupenhoff dominated with a 13.61lb. weight leaving him solidly in first for Day two. Montana Co-Angler Steve Kujawa followed in 2nd with 12.41lbs. and Randy Starr positioned at 3rd. Day one ended up a very nice day, including some morning rain, of fishing with 52 of 56 Anglers weighing limits.

After checking the forecast, it was determined safe to launch for a second day of fishing. The wind changed the fishing and many struggled with a couple of boats coming in a little early, mostly out of frustration, rather than the wind. Wind was a steady 19-21mph throughout the day with sunny skies. Boater leader changed with Idaho’s Justin Soppe weighing a consistent 15.74lb. 2nd day total after weighing 15.72 on day one for a total 2-day weight of 31.46lb. followed heartbreakingly close by Idaho’s Jim Davis at 31.25 total weight. Montana’s Jason Crone finished off the 2 days with 30.25lbs to take a solid finish at 3rd. No leader change for the Co’s with Montana’s Quincy Grupenhoff maintaining the lead with a total 25.62 lb. bag followed by Idaho’s Jared Hoffman with a total weight of 24.63lbs. and Tarry Gibson weighing the biggest bag for the day of the co’s at 13.67 supported by a beautiful 6.26lb. monster CJ largemouth. 34 of 56 Anglers weighed limits on Day two reflecting the windy conditions that Anglers dealt with all day.


Final top finishing anglers are Idaho Boater Justin Soppe and Co Jared Hoffman and Montana Boater Jason Crone and Co Quincy Grupenhoff who will move on and compete at the 2019 TBF National Championship. Montana gave Idaho a strong run for the State Pride finish but in the end, Idaho squeaked out a win by less than a pound difference. Idaho’s Boater Justin Soppe also took home the $500 Ranger Cup award for the event.

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The Idaho TBF Board and members wish to thank the many supporting sponsors including Canyon Marine, Dry Creek Outfitters, Fish Fighters and TBF in addition to the National Sponsors. The Board is very grateful for the many volunteers who assisted at both days of the drive-through weigh-ins allowing for a successful and well run event. Many thanks goes out to Black Sands Resort for the accomodations and wonderful Friday evening meal and last but certainly not least, to Shannon Lord for baking her fabulous, famous homemade cookies the Anglers found in their swag bags and Friday’s dinner. The Idaho TBF appreciated having Montana as our guest anglers and we look forward to another robust semi-final event in 2019 at Montana’s Noxon Reservoir.

D14 ONT, NY and PA Results From Quite West, Ontario Canada

Final day report of the district 14 Regional semifinal Quinte West, Ontario Canada.

Well after a stingy day one the bay. The bay of Quinte started to show its true colors on Sunday. Calm waters and anglers having time to dial in the patterns saw 47 limits brought to the scale compared to 16 on day one. After day one the Boater race was tight between Justin Fung, Gerrard Cocks from Ontario and Pennsylvania Angler Bob Brody separated by 2.26 lbs.

Justin Fung_CA

Champion Bob Brody


All three Anglers came in on day two with good limits, Bob Brody came to the scales with the largest bag of the event, 5 largemouth totaling 19.62 lbs., to edge out Justin Fung as the district 14 Champion.


On the Co-Angler side Ronald Wolf of Pennsylvania who put two consistent days together with a combined weight of 25.89 lbs. to win by over 5 lbs.

Co-Angler Champ Ron Wolf

A memorable day for fellow Penn co angler Troy Davis who only brought 4 largemouth in that tipped the scales at 19.42 lbs. what might have been with that 5th fish.

Big Fish Scott Senna

On the state pride side Pennsylvania claimed honors with a total of 156.96 lbs. with Ontario second at 136.72 and New York at 91.90.

The Ontario Federation would like to thank Quinte West for doing a fabulous job of being our host community. And send out our thanks to all our guest Anglers from Pennsylvania and New York States.



D9 Minnesota and Wisconsin compete on Winona’s Levee Park

Pre-fishing in wind and rain, then evening T-storms and tornado watches gave way to a 41 degree cold front to greet Minnesota and Wisconsin’s best bass anglers on day one. After a short fog delay 108 anglers left Winona’s Levee Park to pursue the green and brown bass that call the Mighty Mississippi home.

WI Co-Angler Champion Deven Etnyre used his river fishing experience from pool 13 out of Illinois, where he is from, to power fish and cover water with swim jigs and pitching to wood. WI Boater Champion Brady Ferrell had his day one grass flat muddy up on day 2.


The earlier days rains had finally made it down to his spot. Randy was prepared though, as he had back up spots to go. He used full practice days to locate many fish. His Brovarney jigs and backup plan on day two sealed his second trip to TBF Nationals, plus $500 Ranger Cup money for this event. MN Co-Angler Champion Richard Conrad decided to fish exclusively for smallmouth, he felt with rising and muddy water coming along with the severe cold front bronze backs would put on the feed bags and a sack of largemouth would not be competitive at the scales.

Both Devon and Richard said their boaters were great and a big part of producing the quality bags.

The 2018 District 9 overall Champion Minnesotan Randy Wieczorek had a good day on day one, but knew he had to step it up on day 2, with the river getting more muddy as the hours went by on day one, he decided to change things up on day two. With the back waters remaining clear, he frog fished and brought in a huge 16.33 sack to seal the win. Marty Terveer was delayed by a barge at the dam, so he pitched the nearby shoreline as he waited, to it’s surprise a 5.71 largemouth took a ride back to weigh in as the events’ largest fish. We are all looking forward to next year’s shoot out in Lacrosse, WI.


Ohio and Michigan Battle it out on Sandusky Bay

On September 21, 2018 122 anglers from Ohio and Michigan met at the Shelby Street Ramp on Sandusky Bay in Sandusky, Ohio in anticipation of having a great two days fishing for the smallmouth bass that the Western basin of Lake Erie is famous for. However Mother Nature was throwing the anglers a curve as the wind was causing a small craft advisory and was supposed to switch to the north during the night which would cause Lake Erie to become even more dangerous.

When the anglers arrived at the ramp the wind was blowing over 20 mph from the north and gusting to 30 mph. The decision was made to wait until daylight in order to even determine if Sandusky Bay was fish-able. As it became light the wind shifted as it was predicted to and calmed down some but not to the degree that the anglers could fish Lake Erie. After going out into the Bay in a boat the OBF President told the anglers that the tournament anglers would be restricted to Sandusky Bay for Saturday’s event. The anglers weighed in 180 bass weighing 420.21 pounds. The leading Boater was Josh Kolodzaike of Michigan with 15.67 pounds. The leading Co-Angler was Todd Rock of Ohio with 17.99 pounds.

Sunday started with Sandusky Bay and Lake Erie calm enough that the anglers could fish either bodies of water. When the final fish was weighed the Day One Leaders had still retained their superiority over the over anglers.  Josh Kolodzaike weighed in 5 fish again that weighed 14.15 while Todd Rock on the co-angler side only had two fish. However they weighed 10. 30 pounds and included a smallmouth weighing 5.24. Jon Angstmann of Ohio weighed in the biggest fish of the tournament with a 5.83 smallmouth and finished second on the co-angler side. The second day saw 189 bass weighed in for a total of 457.96 pounds.

At the TBF National Championship in 2019 Ohio will be represented by Troy Sneddon (3rd place) and Andy Fryer (4th place)  on the boater side and Todd Rock (1st place) and John Angstmann (2nd place on the co-angler side. Michigan anglers going to the TBF National Championship as a boater is Josh Kolodzaike (1st Place) and co-angler Chase Fennell (3rd place) .

There were 369 bass caught in the tournament and all but one was released alive with the exception of about 30 smallmouth that were taken by Ohio Division of Wildlife. These fish were implanted with a transponder and released back into the lake. Anglers who caught those smallmouth selected were asked to mark a grid map where that fish was caught. This will enable the fish’s movements to be tracked. Ohio and Michigan were very happy to be able to participate in this research project.

Ohio and Michigan would like to thank the anglers that participated in this tournament for their sportsmanship and understanding.