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The Bass Federation, Inc. (TBF) is the oldest and largest organized grassroots Fishing, Youth and Conservation organization there is!

TBF is “Owned By Those We Serve And Dedicated To The Sport Of Fishing.”

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Who can I contact for questions?

General questions? Email us by clicking here or call us at 580.765.9031 from 8:30am-5pm CST 

For membership questions; contact member services by email OR calling 580.765.9031

How can I join or start a TBF club?

Find 5 friends and start your own TBF club!

To learn how to start a new TBF club or to get your existing bass club affiliated with TBF see our ‘Members’ page its easy!

Or to join a TBF club in your state, email your State Federation to find the closest club contact.

I am a young angler do you have anything for me?

TBF has a massive program for young anglers.

Join or start a TBF Junior club, partnered with a TBF adult club for anglers 11-14 and 15 to 18.

Join or start a TBF Student Anglers Club with local your school or as a “after school” club, even home schooled anglers can get in on the action. For high Schools and middle schools.

For college level anglers, we have the Association of Collegiate Anglers TBF Federation join or start a college fishing activity club at your college and start fishing!

There is something for everyone. For details check out our Youth Pages.

TBF is also home to the Future Fisherman Foundation (F3) a 501(c) 3 foundation that conducts the Hooked On Fishing, Not On Drugs program, Tackle For Educators Program and a variety of other fishing education curriculums and programs at the elementary and middle school level. F3 programming is in over 1000 schools in the US.

I am concerned about common sense conservation or our natural resources and access to them. How can I get involved?

Conservation is a core principal of The Bass Federation. Each state Federation has a conservation program as does TBF National. We would welcome any and all help as there is power in numbers. Each year grants and support is awarded be used at the local level. Our grassroots membership is a powerful lobby for bills and laws that support recreational fishing and sensible management of our natural resources. TBF is not a left wing group of radical environmentalists. We recognize that sensible and practical conservation is our future and many different needs have to be balanced. Go to our conservation section and see our latest conservation projects.

Do you have to be in a TBF club to be a TBF member?

Yes and no. Anyone can be a TBF Member. However, you must be a member of the state TBF organization (State Federation) to be able to fish the state events. There is a myriad of benefits to being a State federation member and being a part of that grassroots level. We highly encourage you to join through an affiliated club.  To find a TBF club near you to join, email your state Federation. To learn how to start your won 6 person TBF club, visit the Join page.

What do I get for being a TBF member?

As we like to say……“It Pays To Belong To TBF” throughout each year there are a number of offers and promotions that any member can take advantage of and save a more money than their entire membership dues cost them for the year, essentially making your membership “free”!

It changes often so stay informed by signing up for our weekly enews.   Click here to see our impressive list of TBF member benefits.

Is the TBF a tournament trail? Are there opportunities to advance into big tournaments or even fish professionally?

TBF is much more than a tournament trail. Our founding principles are Fishing, Youth and Conservation, On the fishing side, TBF members qualify through their club events and state Federation events to fish in the TBF Division Championship series, and then on to the TBF Federation National Championship, the BFL All-American and the Forrest Wood Cup World Championship. In addition to all this, the top Federation angler each year is awarded the TBF “Living the Dream” package. It consists of paid entry fees into choice of either the FLW Tour or the FLW Series as a professional angler, use of a wrapped “Living the Dream” Ranger Boat and Chevrolet truck as well as some expense money! All of this for a national average cost of only $200 a year in TOTAL dues and entry fees to fish you way all the way to the Forrest Wood Cup!

Is The Bass Federation (TBF) owned by FLW Outdoors?

No, TBF is proudly partnered with FLW Outdoors. TBF and FLW Outdoors are “Partner In Fishing.” TBF is 100% member owned by through the State Federations.

Do you have to be an FLW Outdoors member to be a TBF member?

Yes and the benefits are huge! Currently FLW membership is $45 a year and TBF membership

is $50 a year but IT INCLUDES A FULL FLW COMPETITOR MEMBERSHIP so for only $5 more per year you can belong to TBF and FLW!

It is one stop shopping! ALL TBF memberships have FLW membership built in already! FLW Outdoors is a great partner for TBF and provides many benefits.

IMPORTANT NOTE: ALL TBF members must pay their FLW membership through TBF, through their home club or state federation. FLW Outdoors will not accept membership directly from TBF members as it is included in your annual TBF dues. Your full FLW Outdoors Competitor Membership with TBF INCLUDES; FLW Outdoors magazine subscription, FULL tournament eligibility, priority entry, FULL member benefits and discounts, as well as FLW Fantasy Fishing players advantage where you can win one of thousands of prizes playing FLW Fantasy Fishing. It is a load of fun with some GREAT cash prizes! Many TBF members win each year.