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TBF Youth FAQs

How do I join a TBF junior club?

The key to this is finding a club in your area. You can contact TBF National Youth Director Mark Gintert by clicking here or look up your home states Youth Director through the links provided under Contact Us on this website.

What if there is no TBF junior club in my area?

We can help you find the closest adult club to contact about junior opportunities or, start your own TBF Student Anglers Federation student club through your school. Just contact us and we’ll help you get started!

Does TBF provide our TBF junior club with insurance?

Yes. TBF provides, as a membership benefit, the same insurance coverage for a junior clubs and junior members as we do for an adult clubs and adult members. Including $1 Million dollars of general liability cover, $10,000.00 of participant AD&D cover as well as excess medical coverage. Read the insurance FAQ list for more info.

When are the membership dues and club rosters due?

They are due at the same time as the adult clubs. (December 31 of each year) Getting these in on time is very important to us so that we can give you full benefit of your membership.

How much are the TBF junior dues?

Currently the basic TBF youth dues are $25.00. The individual states may add a small state fee in addition to this amount. Your club will likely have a small club fee as well. 

What is the TBF Student Anglers Federation in school national education program?

This is an educational program designed to introduce students to fishing and to show students the ever increasing career and educational opportunities through fishing. It also shows students how the basic elements of their education are used by tournament anglers every day out on the water and how you can use fishing and having fun to sharpen those basic skills that will help you later in life no matter what your career choice. Visit to find out more information.

How can I get the TBF Student Anglers Federation program in my school?

In this program we encourage students in the Jr. High and High School age groups to get involved by forming school fishing clubs. Our program also adds purpose to their education by giving them real life examples how education items like math, science, and language arts are used by anglers out on the water every day. Combine that with a discussion on the ever increasing career opportunities that are being created by the sport and it gives students another great option for their after school time. Visit for more information.